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I can’t lie....I LOVE weddings! I LOVE throwing parties and always have.  In this line of work, you have to be two things: a diligent organizer and a hopeless romantic. I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff!


I have found my calling as a planner and designer as there is a very specific skillset needed for this job. You have to be detail oriented. Even as a small child I would make place cards and assign seats at the family dinner table. My friends roll their eyes when I show up to the mall with a map and an itinerary. What can I say? I’m a born planner. Sure you have to have a keen eye for design and desire to stay on top of the newest floral and stylistic trends. But most importantly, you have to be calm.  EXTREMELY calm.  There are so many unpredictable things that can derail even the best laid wedding plans; the person in charge absolutely must have a long fuse and a knack for last second creative problem solving. 


Never trust a wedding planner in high heels. A true planner and designer gets her hands dirty. Every wedding week I work from the front seat as one of our team drives the truck to our wholesale floral distributors so I can personally inspect every stem. On wedding days, when I’m not running around coordinating the bridal party, I’m up on ladders hanging greens and directing vendors right alongside my team.


Speaking of the team, I could not be more blessed. Some of them have been with us since day one, and you can rest assured they will give 100% towards making your wedding or event the absolute best it can be. Brandon opened our doors with us as Director of Operations and has become part of our family.  My husband, Mike,  is head of production making this a family run business and I couldn't be more proud. 


Before starting my own company, I started in this industry working as the wedding specialist for one of the largest and most renowned catering companies in south Florida. From there, I moved into the floral side of the business, putting my art degree to work hand crafting elaborate, contemporary centerpieces and floral arrangements. I know weddings and events inside and out. There are many planners out there who can make a bride feel special and maybe even have a good eye for design. But managing truck delivery schedules for 6 or 7 different vendors with the loading dock of a 600 room hotel? Coordinating the logistics of having clean bathrooms and outdoor plumbing for a 200 person wedding on a private beach? These are the details that fall through the cracks when people hire the wrong company. We’ve been doing this too long to let that happen to us.  Over 900 successful weddings and counting...

                                              Emily Talley Sherman

                                                        Founder, Event Bliss


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