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don't let all the fun...ruin the fun.

say i-do to an iv drip at casbah ​ 

Weddings are often so much more than the ceremony itself, and though the various events involved in being part of a wedding are fun, they can also be exhausting and even stressful. IV therapy is a unique and healthy way to make weddings both more memorable and enjoyable for all involved

One of the most common (and maybe most necessary!) ways to make IV therapy part of your wedding celebration is to schedule an appointment during the  bachelor or bachelorette party. These are typically events that involve a significant amount of alcohol consumption, and maybe even some activities that could leave you dehydrated on top of it all, like pool days or golfing. Schedule an appointment as a welcome activity to kick off your celebration, or close out the festivities with IVs before everyone heads their separate ways! Our Boosts & Bowties, Wedding DRIP menu, has several IVs that are sure to help make the memories from the party last longer than the headache!  Pair it with a spa day at the Casbah! 

The morning of the big day is often filled with various “getting ready” tasks for the bride, groom, and bridal party. Make-up, hair, pictures, breakfast – why not add an IV therapy to the mix?  The wedding day is a whirlwind, sure to be spent on one’s feet and socializing. An extra dose of hydration can help make sure they are happy and enjoying themselves from processional to send-off!

One fun way to wrap up a whirlwind wedding weekend is to host a morning-after brunch to bid farewell to any out-of-town relatives and anyone who didn’t get enough facetime at the wedding itself.  An extra incentive to help motivate guests to get out of bed and pop down for some final nuptial quality time together is to offer IV appointments! What could pair better with bagels, coffee, and stories from the night before than a hydrating IV  or even an Immunity Booster for those gearing up for a long day of travel? 

Want to show appreciation for the friends and family members who went above and beyond in making the wedding truly spectacular? Schedule an appointment for them after the wedding to help them relax and recover from all the hard work they put into making the day one-of-a-kind. IV therapy is the perfect treat for the  bridal party, and the parents of the bride and groom.

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